She's Our "Hustling Hoe" And We Are Her Trick's---- It's time To Re-Create "Black Power" And It Starts with The "Almighty Dollar"

The Karrine Steffans: Run Down

The Lies: Karrine Steffans Tells Us What We Want To Hear Karrine Steffans

When commenting on her first book Karrine Steffans states that her book is not just a "trashy" commentary, but a book that will help:

  • Single Family Homes

  • Black Women

  • Our Culture

  • Deter woman from going the same route

Karrine says this book will help 'DETER young girls from doing what she did'. She emphasizes that her lifestyle was "dangerous and painful", and that 'SOMEBODY has to EDUCATE these young girls'. She labels herself as being a "Revolutionist of our Culture."

'Black Men aren't protecting Black Women', she says.

Does Karrine Steffans protect herself? Did Karrine learn from her past and write a book offering redemption to herself and others? I think we know the answer is NO.

Quotes of a Lost Sister: A Sister Who Needs Healing, Our Money Will Be In Vain

The following quote is a quote, released by Karrine after the release of her steamy porn video with Mr. Marcus, which she claims was released against her will.

"I would like this unfortunate incident to stand as proof that decisions made when young, in despair and under the influence of drugs and alcohol can and most likely will come back to haunt you," she says."I have worked extremely hard to rectify my wrongs and redeem each negative deed of my past.Despite much scrutiny and backlash, I've allowed my pitfalls in life to be public in an effort to deter those who seek the lifestyle I once lived from facing the same troubles."

Despite Karrine's claims that she did not approve of the steamy porn video titled "Karrine Steffans: Superhead", and tried to have it stopped, Mr. Marcus denies this.

Below is a Audio Clip, of an interview done with Mr. Marcus, after the release of Karrine's book and right before the release of their Porn Video.

Points to keep in mind:

  • The interviewer is a White Woman---She's not necessarily "racist" but she's very sarcastic, and does not seem to be buying the fact that her book focuses on "uplifting" the community. In referring to Karrine's book, she claims it's "historical" (clear sarcasm), she says "she has 5 million dollars and she thinks she's a lady.

  • Note the rational that "exploitative" "pimp minded" Black Men tell Black Woman in order to keep them down and make them at ease with their "being exploited". He states that "she's no different from any other woman", "he claims the video will just show how she's really like". Like the mentality of a "pimp" and a "slave master" he clearly signifies that he owns her with this video, he states "she can't do anything I have the model release".

  • Men who have respect for a woman WOULD NOT STATE THIS. Ask your Brother, ask your Father, ask your Uncle, even ask your Minister. You must ACT how you want to be treated. We all make mistakes, but to continue on without redemption will damage you soul. NOW DO WE PUT 5 MILLION MORE DOLLARS IN HER POCKET? Or does she need intervention, by our not supporting her? Do we award her "weak state" with putting her book on the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST, again?

    Karrine is a woman who has and continues to allow Men to dominate and exploit her. She feels that she is coming from a position of power, because she is "making money" not realizing that her actions aren't "soul freeing". The more money she makes the more hesitant she is to do some self-reflection into her way of living. At the same time with our support she continues to place a "negative" stigma on our race. A stigma thought about us tracing all the way back to slavery.

    The stigma of Black Woman, being useful, willing "sexual objects"without having any discrimination, or standards as to who we choose. We are to be used and then easily discarded, because we are of no "real significance" for anything else. We are to be sexually ready, breed children, and perform and endurehard labor. Let's show through our not supporting this book that we are worth more than that, and don't want this stereotype to continue to plague us.

    Mr. Marcus Speaks About Karrine's Abilities

    Below: is a video clip that demonstrates the "lack of honesty" Karrine Steffans has displayed from the very beginning. It signals her apparent history in Pornography, prior to her book "Video Vixen" coming out. It shows that Karrine was drenched in "exploitation" in areas other than just being a "video girl". This is something she was hoping to keep secret. This video has many eye opening factors:

    • Once again the interviewer is White.
    • Mr. Marcus talks about his encounter with Karrine in a casual manner, and with a clear sense of her being passed on to him. she was number 1,347 to give him a "blow job".
    • He speaks of a man that recruits girls
    And like before "MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER'S", we must WITNESS a White person's SARCASM to what SOME of them subconsciously feel is a generalization of us. Listen closely to the video at the end. Mr. Marcus in an attempt to rationalized the actions of Karrine and these girls, who refuse to come out and profess themselves as "true porn stars". He tries to say Karrine Steffans is similar to Paris Hilton.The interviewer disagrees by stating "'she's a little harder'" then IMMEDIATELY CUTS THE VIDEO, before a response could be given.

    He makes sure to protect the image of a White woman when it's in comparison to a Black Woman. WE MUST RISE UP!!!! And he can't be considered racist, because we fuel these belief's. We do this by our constant portrayal and support of these stereotypes, not just in pornography videos, but throughout our culture. We MUST NOT make this a profitable scenario.

    Karrine Steffans "Bamboozles" Oprah Winfrey

    After the success of Karrine Steffans book, "Confessions of a Video Vixen", Oprah Winfrey asked her to appear on her show titled "Stupid Girls".

    The dramatic accounts of "exploitation" and abuse Karrine wrote about in her book, brought out the "empathy" in Oprah and she wanted Karrine's story to be heard. Quotes from the Show:

    Karrine says the years she spent as a music video dancer taught her to value herself over money and fame. "I have me. I have God. I have my son. Everything else is extra," she says. "It's taught me who I am, and who I was meant to be.

    "I am no longer in the business of making other people look good at my expense. And that's what I wish for the women who are in the industry."

    Do we continue to allow Karrine to LIE to herself and US? Does Karrine Steffans know what she's meant to be? Does our support allow her to find out? Or, does our support continue to harm her and our image, by giving her a profitable route to stay "stagnant" in negativity?

    Karrine has fallen into a situation similar to her "past" drug addiction. She is "caught up" in an activity that she will not stop doing, as long as she's enabled by others and doesn't face the truth.

    Though her ""sexual escapades"" are damaging to herself, her son, and our image, she has found a way to "TURN IT INTO CASH". This cannot be enabled by us.

    As a race we must start to operate from a position of "power" and "strength". A position that mirrors the sacrifices past generations endured to ensure we had certain freedoms of today. We must seek to mirror, the sense of Pride our ancestors had.

    We have GREAT POWER when we come together. We have seen this with the protesting of the Imus situation, so we must begin to look enternally and UTILIZE THIS STRENGTH FOR THE BETTERMENT OF OUR RACE.

    We will FEEL GOOD doing so. We will feel what TRUE STRENGTH IS, and strengthen our communities. This will allow us to leave a better foundation for the next generation. We must adopt the mentality of our ancestors.

    During Karrine's appearance on the Oprah Show, she became very emotional in recalling the "exploitations" she went through. At one point she recalls:

    'During one of Karrine's many video shoots, she says she was taking a nap when she woke up to find the record label's CEO standing in her trailer. "[He] pulled his penis out and asked me to perform oral sex on him," she says.

    "I had never seen him in my life; I had no idea who he was. He said, '[Perform oral sex on me] or you can't do this video.' Well, I didn't do the video."

    After enduring numerous "exploitative" situations and the release of her first book detailing them, what has Karrine Steffans done?

    Karrine still continues to take part willingly in the behaviors that mirror this incident. The fact that she has more "power" and choice of "exploiter" does not make her plight, nor ours better.

    The message MUST be sent that during these trying times when our "image" is believed to be at it's worst, because SO MANY fall into stereotype WE WILL NOT SUPPORT THIS. We will not give her another 5 million dollars and put her on the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST again. If we do, she will continue her plunge into negativity, and derail our efforts to extinguish this belief of us.

    Oprah cried tears for Karrine, and believed that she was on a quest to transforming the minds of young woman who were plowing down the same path of "exploitation" and "oppressiveness"she had to endure.

    Post Oprah Show Update:

    Since Karrine Steffans appearance on The Oprah Show, she was asked by Essence magazine, 'What she felt about her appearance on show and how the release of her new book will effect the people that she knows. She states:

    "at the end of the day, it's business not personal." "I can't afford to ruin my professional life simply to save face with my friends," she continued,then added, "but I also don't want to lose my friends for the love of the almighty dollar, and I think I found a good balance with this book."

    This response is very disturbing for many reasons:

    • One--Karrine refers to what she's doing as a professional career

    • Two-- She states 'she can't ruin her career to save face with friends'. This indicates it's merely a money decision

    • Three--She contradicts herself and says she doesn't want to lose her friends for money.

    • Four--It's a deflective statement. She did not specifically explain why she changed her tune from being one of helping the community like the first book, to continuing her 'PROFESSIONAL LIFE' with this book, "Vixen Diaries".

      Karrine's Plunge Back Into Self-Absorbency and Despair

    What was the purpose of this video? Was it to make a drama out of her life, and watch us eat it up?

    Why does Karrine continue to live a confusing life with many contradictions? Is this part of her quest to "uplift" young girls and help them? Or is Karrine trying to find new ways to be intriguing, lore us in, for her own self gain?

    In the video Karrine states that it's 7:00AM, and that she's been up since 2:00AM. She goes on to say that she "tries not to get too personal". We are witnessing the mind of a confused "disturbed" woman. Her books and sexual accounts are VERY PERSONAL and REVEALING. She is up at 7:00am talking to the "world" from her house in front of a video camera, what could be more revealing?.

    Karrine Steffans is simply preying on and profiting off the fact that we are "drama seekers" at any course. Even if there is so much at stake and we become enablers to "negativity" and negativity befalls us.

    As she's making her "not to personal" video diary, she states "out the blue" that Bobby Brown is on her couch. This video has many disturbing factors, that must not be enabled:

  • She sounds confused, she can't see the contradiction of her words and life.

  • Bobby Brown is being "exploited" he does not know he is being "exposed" by her for publicity and eventual financial gain. She allowed him to stay there, and his being on the couch suggests he's in a time of need.

  • Her son who lives in the home must "tip-toe" around a man who's crashing on her couch, someone who she has said has displayed ""disturbing behavior"" in the past.

  • This is how Karrine Steffans makes her money. She plays on the "weak state" our communities are in, and our lack of focused strength. She invites her "exploits". And then tries to seek empathy and understanding from the public.

    After video taping Bobby Brown. Karrine states "this is so sick".

    What is "sick"?

    She then begins to laugh "overzealously"

    What is the joke?

    Did she not invite Bobby to stay with her and her son? Why do we stand behind a woman who is confused and on a clear path of destruction? Why do we support Karrine when she does not have "good will" and intentions in mind for young women, and her actions reflect this.

    At the end of the video (to leave you with, a quest of seeking more drama), she calls out the name of rapper "Weezy". Weezy has not claimed Karrine as his girlfriend nor his friend. This video clearly takes you into the mind of a "confused" emotionally vurnable woman turned "hustler".

    These actions should not be "glamorized" and REWARDED. These actions should not place Karrine on the Best Seller list along side books that may mirror her story but offer TRUE REDEMPTION of people who overcame struggle and abuse. Do her books and behavior offer solutions to a life of "bad choices"? Or is Karrine Steffans a "hustler"?

    Karrine Steffans Is Talked about And Used As A Human
    "Sex Toy"

    The sad realities that this Video Exposes:

  • Mr. Marcus continues to "pimp his hoe out" Karrine, to sell his videos, and assures you, "you won't be disappointed, in your purchase".

  • ----This is the travesty that is occuring in our communites. Many Black Men are "exploiting" and allowing women to "exploit" themselves, despite knowing the condition of our communities. Despite them understanding that many of these young women don't have a father figure to teach them about men, or like in Karrine's case: someone who is strong and willing to teach them about life and respect for themselves as woman.

  • Reggae artist "Sean Paul" and the other men at the radio station laugh at her sexually revealing "exploitations" they are not in awe of Karrine in an "admirable" way.
  • ----These "mindless" sexual encounters penetrate the soul. Karrine Steffans cannot convince anyone that they do not effect her emotional psyche. For her to continue to subject herself to situations and an environment where she is treated with a lack of respect and dismissfulness, only feeds her anger and pain, and we should not be a part of it.

    To write a book about true redemption of a difficult past is one thing. To welcome and invite these sad shallow experiences, to write and profit off of them is another. To support her is a bad reflection of the things we condone amongst ourselves within our communities during these trying times, when our image is being put to the test.

  • Ed lover repeatly proclaims her book "Confessions of a Video Vixen" to be the biggest selling book in Hip-Hop history.

    ----We Continuously try to support and defend Hip-Hop then make this book a star point in it's history. Though Hip-Hop has taken a wrong turn in recent years the association of her book to Hip-Hop is not a respectful thing, it is not just a "tarnishment" on the legacy of Hip-Hop, but also to the women who are artist and have associations with Hip Hop.

    This book could have been a vindicating one for many women, who have been in positions such as Karrine. It could have been a book that showcased how the weak are preyed on. Instead she continues (despite being aware of her actions) to reflect through her "habitual" sexual allisons the stereotypical belief, that we as young Black women "put it on ourself".

  • As Karrine is being interviewed by Ed Lover, he takes calls on her behalf, it's obvious she is nervous, about the prospect of what the caller might say.
  • ----Even when you make mistakes in your life. If you have turned those mistakes into "true lessons learned" and know that you are now a positive person, you can relax, welcome critisims and make it very clear that you are not the same.

    Karrine Steffans could not and cannot do this. When a disgruntle caller called in Karrine "fake laughed" during the callers comments, in order to "drown out" and "muffle" what the caller was saying and comfort herself. She stated that the lady was "nuts". She knew that this was not true. She understood the validity of what the caller was saying but could not handle or face the reality of her life. The truth was too much for her.

  • During the interview Karrine, states that the people mentioned in the book, have not threatened to sue her, (This may or may not be true). Then she goes on to say that these men, know not to bother her because she was easy on them in the book and did not reveal as much as she could have.
  • ----Karrine is clearly holding people "hostage", in a situation where she convinced them that she was ok with accepting or performing certain "sexual acts". This left these men in a state of "openness". These men thought they where in an "situation" between two consenting adults. Which Karrine then turned around and used the experience to her financial advantage. Despite their "exploitation of her, this is not a act of righteous "vigilantisim", because she was a willing participant. We must not support her cause of "resentful retaliation".

  • Sean Paul" brings up the fact that some of the men in Karrine's book are married, indicating the potential conflict she may cause families. Especially, in revealing this information to the public.
  • ---Again Karrine subjected herself to a life, that even after being consious of it's "ill effects" continued to adhere to it, and carry out her "exploitions". The resentment and bitterness felt by her due to her lack of being treated in an respectful manner, caused her to want to bring others down with her, in her "pit of misery". This despite the fact that she seemingly was a willing participate. These actions effect families, and should not be supported by a community that is already endangered by a lack of strong family structure, and for her self-gain.

  • There was the insinuation that Karrine used names in the book, to sell more books, Karrine denied this. Karrine stated that 'she used names in the book to teach girls a lesson, because otherwise they would not think it pertained to them'.
  • ----As in the words of the "Geico Cavemen" whaaat!!!. The names in the book where clearly included to sell more books, and make the book juicy. The stories of her sexual encounters could have been spoken about in a general sense, but Karrine clearly had some bones to pick, and some beefs due to resentment.

    This vicious cycle should not be supported by us. Karrine clearly needs a healing process, that cannot come about as long as she is attaining an immense amount of success and money through doing the actions that have put her in this "soul crushing" reality. It not only harms her but our continued support of this behavior and reality does not reflect well on our community. A community that is struggling with negative stereotypes and are being fueled and practiced by some of our Brothers and Sisters, like Karrine.

  • Ed Lover asks Karrine Steffans why did she leave the part out about her adult entertainment past. Karrine claims she's not ready to talk about it.
  • ----This is where Karrine Steffans vulnerablity is penetrated. Judging by her evasiveness" her "stint" in pornography is clearly the most shameful part of her past history in her mind. To this day she has not spoken about her pornography past in detail, she tries to evade the issue and is torn between wanting to be portrayed as a "victim". A woman who was "naive" and walked into an environment doing videos and was exploited. With a woman who sought out making money by selling and using her body Indiscriminately on camera.

    To this point Karrine has had control over who she talks about in her books and what she reveals. Speaking about and trying to explain her past in pornography does not offer her many ways to flex the truth. It's clear cut and evident what the action and the goal was.

  • When an irate caller calls into the radio station to berate Karrine and tell her that her actions make it hard for Black Women, and that she is a "classless" person. Ed Lover comes to her defense by stated that what he got from the book was that 'Karrine is trying to warn other girls not to be a useable removeable object'.
  • ----In the next breath he speaks about how Karrine Steffans gave him an unbelievable "blow job" and how her skills where outstanding. He speaks of her as a "sex toy". Not once referring to her as a "lovely", "bright" well put together young lady.

    Am sure it's clear knowledge to everyone that Karrine Steffans is not Ed Lover's girlfriend, or significant other. So once again Karrine willingly stepped into an "exploitive" situation. Ed Lover was not thinking about her "internal" problems and lack of respect for herself to realize or feel bad about what he was doing. Ed Lover welcomed her "self-explotive" behavior, without thought, and used her like a "sex toy"

  • My favorite part of the video, which demonstrates a reaction of "hope" from our Black Men, is when R&B group "112", stated that they would have nothing to do with Karrine and kicked her off the set of their video: "You Oughta Know" after she sought to be apart of the cast.
  • ----They emphasized that they have too much class to tolerant the behavior and actions of Karrine Steffans, and did not want to be linked to her. This reaction creates standard. Imagine if that was the natural reaction of many. Then, Karrine Steffans would have to take a look inward realizing that she needs to help her soul, and not contribute to negativity and profit off of it through a communitiy struggling to be morally focused, and positive.

    Karrine's "Two-Sided Ramblings

    The following is a quote by Karrine during an interview in "King" magazine about her feelings about rapper "Lil Wayne"

    On Lil Wayne:

    “I thought he was too young, and I just always thought he was ugly. That’s real talk. I thought he looked like a tree monkey…”

    Karrine, then made the following statement during an interview with Essence Magazine:

    K.S.: He’s not my boyfriend, but I’m closer to Wayne and we’ve spoken every day for the last six months. I can’t start or end my day without talking to him. And we don’t necessarily talk on the phone, but we text each other all the time. It’s a perfect relationship. He knows that no matter who he’s with and vice versa, we love each other. We don’t have any surprises. If I were to see him kissing a girl tomorrow, it would be okay because I already know about it.

    It comes to the point where you wonder if this woman is "INSANE", or as I stated before playing on our "drama seeking" emotions, or both. Either way, we should not support this. She obviously has created a "drama world", where despite the fact that she is "black listed" amongst the stars, she turns even the smallest encounter into a story for SELF-GAIN, and PROFITS.

    Karrine Continues To Play Us For Profit: Making Sure Her "Gold Mine" Never Ends

    On Karrine Steffans website: Karrine's, continues to cause confusion, for drama and eventual profit.

    All Video's can be acessed on Karrine Steffans website click on Karrine T.V.

    Click on Video title below for access:

    Update: Karrine has removed several videos from her blog for damage control, her videos mostly contain responses to fan mail "strategically picked" and answered.

    "Mr. Perezident"-August 8, 2007

    This video is very revealing, this video which was taped with gossip guru "Perez Hilton", shows how Karrine plays with our desire to find out and know about juicy "truthful" tales from her. We desire to know the "real deal" about celebrities and she toys with that fact.

    In the tape she plays around with Perez and tells him that she has "sex tapes" of rappers who are on the "downlow". When Perez becomes interested and believes her, she says >'no I don't'.

    Then she tells Perez Hilton that she has pictures showing this, again Perez becomes interested and she then says >'no I don't'.

    Why let the insanity continue? We built this woman up and she is taking us on a ride, while profiting on the sad reality that some woman go through and genuinely want to escape.

    "Wayne's World" July 23, 2007

    Karrine continues to make evasive comments, she states about Lil Wayne:
    "I love him like he loves me"
    She claims in the video "here's me in Wayne's World", she states this although she is not present in the video and the video footage consists of Lil Wayne playing the guitar, with no apparent interaction with her or evidence of her even being present. Not a shadow, no voice. NOTHING. And the clip last's about 2 minutes.

    To this date, what has Lil Wayne said about Karrine Steffans? Lil Wayne has never acknowledge or spoken about Karrine in any "favorable" manner.

    Together with her inital harsh comments toward him and then her complete "turn around" in her feelings toward him. You can see this is either a "confused" woman, or a very smart woman who has lifted herself up "off the ground" by using the "backs of us". She even states in the video that the article featured in "King Magazine" was approved by Lil Wayne, this despite her insulting him? Can we believe anything Karrine says anymore? The "truthful rawness" that seemingly reflected her first book, is now being stretched for profit, and is merely "fiction".

    She also goes on to say when referring to her fans:
    "Whatever I can do to keep you happy"

    What does this comment reflect? What is Karrine's purpose? Didn't Karrine emerge as someone who has a "true" story to tell, and share. Based on actual experiences that she has gone through? Karrine is now making her profits, by creating "fiction" and playing on our human curiosity, and desires.
    Karrine Steffans is a "hoe" with no redemption, and real goal towards the help of others.

    Karrine has been placed on a pedestal by us, at the same time she is damaging our image through our support of her. She makes it evident that we are not supporting someone who has had past experiences that were negative but seeks redemption and now has a story to tell. We are now simply supporting someone who is said to be us, "Money Hungry Hoes", with no "shame".

    Gullible-July 12, 2007

    This is the most telling video of all, it shows how Karrine Steffans really feels about us.

    These comments reflect a past video done by Karrine, in that video she is acting as though she's in a relationship with Darius McCrary, who played "Eddie" on the hit TV show "Family Matters". In the video they are being very intimate. After posting that video she made a "video diary" video titled "Gullible" these are the following statements she made:

    When explaining why she made the video she says
    "I wanted to post the video to see how far ya'll would carry it"
    She then goes on to say:
    "I thought it was funny some people took it extremely seriously"
    She also says:
    'I was bored, I wanted to make trouble', am sorry.

    In referring to us she says:
    'Most people believe what they see and hear, what they read and on the internet, television and magazines.'
    Wasn't Karrine suppose to tell the truth about her experiences, in order to help others? What is she doing now?

    She continues in saying:
    'Darius is, not my boyfriend, he's not my lover, we aren't married.

    Adding that:
    'Darius has a girlfriend he's in love with and has a family he cares for'.

    Towards the end she states:
    'I guess the purpose of this video is to show that anyone can make you believe anything at anytime, if your GULLIBLE, and don't be GULLIBLE'.'I don't make it a practice to lie to ya'll'

    She just said she made a misleading tape, because she was bored and wanted to see our reaction. Please understand this is a game to Karrine or a clear case of "Insanity" this cannot be supported.

    She ends with:
    " I don't need your approval", I like to be honest"

    She emphasizes that she does not know Darius. she says:
    'I don't even know that dude''
    Karrine Steffans once again walked into the arena of "exploitation" made a revealing "suggestive" video with a 'dude she doesn't even know'.

    The other "video diaries" featured on Karrine Steffans website where she addresses questions by fans, continues to display Karrine's confusion. She gives them advice that she does not adhere to and practice in her own life.

    The Floodgates Are Open: Next is A Book Called "Pimpology"

    The Co-author of Karrine Steffans book "Confessions of a Video Vixen" "Karen Hunter" is co-authouring a book named "Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game" by author "Pimpin Ken'".

    When do we "stand up", when do we send the message that you cannot continue to feed us "trash" that we have standards too? These authors feel they have found a "gold mine" in producing books that harm our image, but are drenched in "Irresistible" drama that amounts to great profits. We must show that we are strong, and will not accept this.

    The book "Pimpology" once again is marketed by hiding behind the "facade" that this book is geared to ANYONE, not just those who are aspiring to be a "pimp". They claim that the principals are useful in any business setting and will help you succeed.

    These are the chapters called "laws" featured in "Pimpology":

    Law 1 Purse First, Ass Last

    Law 4 Keep a Ho in Arrears

    Law 13 Pimp Like You're Ho-less

    Law 19 Turn Ho Ends into Dividends

    Law 20 Get In a Ho's Head

    Law 21 A Ho Without Instruction Is Headed for Self-Destruction

    Law 29 Play One Ho Against the Next

    Law 32 Turn a Tramp into a Champ

    Law 42 If You Can See It, You Can Be It

    Law 45 Get Rid of the Word "If"

    Law 47 Pimpin' Is What You Do, Not Who You Are

    Karrine Steffans Thinks African Americans are Ignorant and Brags about being on The New York Times Bestseller List, and Oprah

    During a recent interview on the "Ricky Smiley Morning Show" Karrine Steffans reveals what she really thinks about the African American community, and at the same time displays her insanity.

    After asking the staff at the radio station not to refer to her as "Superhead" early in the morning, Karrine decides to not answer the VERY APPROPRIATE questions the "VJ's" had. Karrine was asked:

    'Can you paint a picture of the typical scenerio of how you hook up with a celebrity or artist?'

    Karrine's response--"NO"

    She was then asked:

    Can you tell us the best gift or present you've received from an artist?

    Karrine's response--"NO"

  • She then goes on to explain how she is sick of the African American community asking inappropriate questions, questions about her first book and questions asked in the wrong tone.

  • Not only is Karrine insane but her insanity is calculating. She has made an enormous amount of money off of our community, and now is trying to play "spin doctor". Karrine's entire marketing and pomotion revolved around her exploits.

    What type of tone and questions are appropriate for a "Hoe"? Isn't that what we know Karrine Steffans to be? Isn't that how she has marketed and made a name for herself?

    She continuously states that the people of her culture(Black People) should not ask her inapproriate questions. Karrine sounds out of touch with reality, and wants desperately to create her own more favorable reality despite her negative actions. She wants to "milk the cash" out of her "exploits", but not have to endure the negativity that comes with such shallowness. The money keeps her going like the "energizer bunny", even though she wants to stop. But she would pefer to

    We can make it stop

  • As a "Spin Doctor" she claims:

    She has never hooked up with an artist, she's just had relationships with people that have gone wrong.

  • -Hmm!! She states this despite the fact that these people would never link themselves to her. How many celebrities have we seen Karrine with on the red carpet ?

    Throughout her first book she goes through exploit after exploit of her "hook ups", and tries to explain that she was abused. What is this book about?

    It doesn't seem like Karrine Steffans can handle the negativity she has opened herself up to. She has the right to target, and write about other people in her books, but cannot handle the "backlash" it causes and questions revolving what she is revealing.

    The most disturbing revelations was when Karrine Steffans BRAGGED ABOUT

    Being on the New York Times Bestseller List for 26 weeks.

    We Created This, We RARELY make the list and I can make think of MANY MORE deserving authors, within our community. WE CAN DO THIS PEOPLE.


    Why Does This Matter?

    I love my people so much, it hurts and makes me harsh when speaking the truth sometimes. We have been through so many struggles, we have been through so much turmoil. We must "RISE UP" and understand that we aren't set up for success in society, we have to strive and have a dedication towards it. Our success and our getting ahead is not on the minds of the average US citzen. In Generation X we have gone off track, we have embraced SO MUCH negativity in our communities that's it's begining to "weigh heavily" on all of us.

    My intention in doing this website to boycott Karrine Steffans book, is to demonstrate, we cannot continue to support negativity and hope for positivity. Our communities are in "crisis". Some of our "beautiful" sisters where just referred to as "hoes" they clearly are not "hoes", they're actually the opposite. They are young ladies who have excelled in life, but because of a general stereotype believed by some and supported by us, they had to "wear shame" and embarrassement. They had to wear shame and embarrassement because of woman like Karrine Steffans. Woman who choose to highlight the "hoe" stereotype in a "glamourous way", leading others to believe we embrace it. We cannot let this be highlighted in the media. We have a problem with some of our Brothers doing this. We must not compound the problem, and display our Sister's doing it to themselves.

    Karrine Steffans first book "Confessions of a Video Vixen" made the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST. This is viewed as one of the most reputable well-known bestseller lists. She also netted "5 million dollars" as a result. We must understand that though many African American books are published on a daily basis RARELY, do they make the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST.

    There is a portrayal and belief amongst those in the publishing industry that we as "Black people don't read". It's believed that we don't read as much as our White counterparts. Even if this is technically true, we must think. For us to seem to exist in a state of "dormancy" and then "wake up" to support a book like Karrine's. It's not a good reflection on our image. Three things happen:

    1. We condone Karrine Steffans actions

    ----This is clearly a woman who has a lot of emotional "turmoil" to deal with. She chose a life that did not lead her on the path of forging meaningful relationships. But she chose a path that had the opposite effect. One that demeans her as a woman and offers "emptiness", and sexual exploitation into her life.

    The fact that she wrote a book about it is not the issue. Sometimes people will write books that offer true redemption and will help others not endure their plight. Karrine's first book and her book to follow "Vixen Diaries" are not those types of books. These are books drenched in "drama" in order to allure readers to buy them.

    2. We show support towards the stereotype that is thought of us

    ----How can we put so much vigor and backing towards a book that is a reflection of what is believed of us? Karrines books clearly demonstrate a woman who is a "hoe" she is profiting off of her "hoe" status. She is using her body to create literature and generate money towards her success. And unless we are her "tricks" we cannot support this.

    3. We open the "floodgates"

    ----As I mentioned before, in a world such as ours where "money is a motivator" we are observed by others when supporting books such as Karrine's which causes many others books like it to follow. Now for some, their first instant is to get upset with Society. But this is not the solution, because anything that is shown to be profitable will be duplicated.

    This is why if we do not stand up and take a stand and convey that we do not support just anything, particularly during these "image sensitive" times in our community, we will be drowned by the "stereotypes that haunt us".

    We will never be able to control people's subconsious thought's of us, particularly those that are "racist" and "dead set" on having these thoughts. But you never WANT TO FALL INTO STEREOTYPE. You never want to prove an image is true. Our media is not balanced enough in these times to be able to have an over abundance of negative stereotypes attached to us.

    Think about the young woman in your life. Think about how you want them to go through this life with more ease and acceptance. Think about how hard it is, even when there seems to be "justice" and "fairness". How we still seem to wear the blanket of stereotype.


    We know that our reflections in the media, often times is not good. We have many problems to address, problems that unfortunately got out of hand, because we "laid idle" and did not see or think of what they could possibly become.


    For those that can't Resist:

  • Read it and Leave it in the bookstore--Read it with a donut at the coffee shop, then buy another book, a similar book with "redemption" or a more positive book

  • Get together with your friends and buy one copy--preferrably "bootleg"

  • Or Buy "bootleg"

  • This may seem like a DIFFICULT THING TO DO. But remember the sacrifices and STRUGGLES our ancestors went through to help us have an easier life today. If Black people where able to "boycott" the buses for 381 days. Despite, having to walk and car pool to work. We can find a way to make sure Karrine doesn't make the NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER LIST, causing the "floodgates" to open and "drown us".

    Maybe one day we will have more "balance" in the community and can support a book like this, particularly if the author is geninue, but now our communities need "repairing".


    Boycott The Book Release Date September 25, 2007

    Updates will be available